What’s Trending in 2019 – Fashion/Prints/Styles

I hope that you had a great weekend and are ready to kick off a new week on a high note!

I opted for a white mani today!

A shopping trip at a local mall in Omaha inspired me to create today’s post. I’ve noticed a few new trends for this new year and wanted to share them with you! It’s hard to believe that stores are already displaying their new arrivals for spring with the cold weather/snow we’ve had in Nebraska. I stopped in Old Navy, H&M, DSW, and Von Maur for some retail therapy today. Each store had unique displays that caught my eye. Ever since my days spent working in retail, I’ve always admired retailers who are experts with their fashion merchandising!

Trends to look out for in 2019:

  • Prints: The snakeskin print is sure making a comeback. I’ve seen it on tops, dresses, and shoes.
    • Animal print (such as leopard print) is also huge, too.
  • Trends: Leather and faux leather is a stylish trend that goes beyond just outerwear. I’ve always loved leather skirts! Black, white, brown, and red are great colors to choose from.
  • Colors: Beige is quite popular in the winter months, but can be easily worn throughout the year. Neons and pastels are also trendy. Color-blocking is also another option!
  • Styles: “Utility chic dressing” is a fancy term for wearing utility skirts, tops, and jumpsuits.
    • Suits and suit jackets are also stylish.
    • Statement earrings – I especially love tortoise colored statement earrings!!
    • Velvet tops and pants

You can shop what’s on trend below!

Thanks for reading. What is your favorite trend for 2019? Let me know by leaving a comment.




  1. Sarah wrote:

    Such a great post! Such helpful tips! I love the jumpsuits you suggested!

    Published 1.14.19
    • Megan Schneider wrote:

      Thanks for reading, Sarah! Jumpsuits are so cute this time of year!

      Published 1.15.19
  2. Kristie wrote:

    I was just looking at a pair of snakeskin print pants the other day. Glad to know I’m on trend. Lol!

    Published 1.14.19
    • Megan Schneider wrote:

      It took me awhile to like the snakeskin look, too!!! I’ve seen it everywhere now.

      Published 1.15.19
  3. Amanda wrote:

    I’m loving all the velvet that’s in right now

    Published 1.14.19
    • Megan Schneider wrote:

      Me too, Amanda! Velvet is so fun!!

      Published 1.15.19
  4. Melissa wrote:

    At first I wasn’t too into snake skin… but the more I see it, the more I digging it! And yes bring me all faux leather there is 😉


    Published 1.14.19
    • Megan Schneider wrote:

      Thanks for reading, Mel! I felt the exact same way. Faux leather is such a cool look, too!

      Published 1.15.19
  5. Thanks for sharing some of the fun trends! I am seeing snakeskin everywhere too! I always love faux leather and velvet too!

    Published 1.16.19
    • Megan Schneider wrote:

      Thanks for reading, Amie! I’m loving all the prints lately. 🙂

      Published 1.16.19

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